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Relatives of Peruvian soldiers dead in action against terrorists have to beg for receiving monetary indemnization

In the video at the minute 3’35 relatives of fifteen Peruvian soldiers dead in action against a terrorist attack comment their pain and disappointment because they have to fight for their rights to receive a monetary indemnization that is legally stipulated by the Law.

They have prosecuted the Peruvian State for not paying the indemnization and the Supreme Constitutional Court have ruled for them, however, they have received nothing. Each family should receive fifteen unit tax called in Perú (UIT), it means 3,500 soles (around 1,120 American dollars), in total fifty five thousand soles (Peruvian currency) equals 16 thousand dollars, but the Peruvian government has calculated the unit tax from 1992 that cost 1,500 soles ( 500 American dollars).

All these fight made the soldiers’ relatives have traveled from their town in Pucallpa located in Peruvian jungle until the Headquarters of the Peruvian Army located in Lima. They have lost seven days of work, spent money in lodging and payed the lawyer, still they will have to return to Lima, capital of Peru.

From April to August 2009 they went to the Army Headquarter in their town to request their pension of 1, 100 soles (400 American dollars). Every single month, government told them had to sign the salary receipts and afterwards they would deposit the money.

On April 9th, 2009 a two thousand terrorist group among children, women and men ambushed the fifteen soldiers in Sarabamba town in Ayacucho while they patroled using gust of bullets and grenades. Then terrorists finished the attack with shots on their heads.

One of their killed soldiers is  Denis Guerrero (28). Also in the video one of the soldier’s father tell that the son’s body waas found with no legs nor arms and no fingerprints. That soldier had only three months of entering the Peruvian Army.

Videosource: You Tube by gerardolipe20


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