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Many not clear matters in Concession of Peruvian Paita Port

Cayetana Aljovín, Director of Pro Inversión (Peruvian organism for Investments) explains that Paita Port was not sold as a gift to Consorcio Terminales Euroandinos and says that it is not true that government will assure the enterprise winner of the Concession a 14 million dollar income yearly. Also that Peruvian government supports the same way to all enterprises that goes for a Concession acording to the contracts.

Video source: You Tube by gerardolipe20.

The Peruvian Congresswoman Marisol Espinoza explains how Emergency Decree 047 is fixed to favor the enterprise that won the concession of Paita Port northern Peru. It orders the national organism Comptroller not to give any opinion about the process of concession. The Chief Comptroller considers that Decree should be reviewed, however it is hard to believe that government would allow it, because there is a Supreme Decree 181 and 40 law reforms that are in favor to the enterprise winner and government assures the minimum income 14 million dollars yearly.

There was a proposal  to organize a Comission to investigate the Concession of Paita Port  in order to respond the reason why the enterprise winner was grantted with the Concession if had the least experience in port matters compared to the other two competitors. What is more Consorcio Terminales Euroandinos did not appear in the world ranking of ports managing.

It was supposed that Pro Inversión would wait to sign the Concession September 14 th, but they did it on 9 th the same day, few hours later, a group of Congressmen , leaded by Marisol Espinoza, questioned them on several points,

Platicando con Tarket’s opinion: At this point of the events, think government will not allow any investigation. As always they said the last word.

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