Platicando con Tarket

They are far but the consequences are everywhere

2011 Middle East and Asia is convulsed more than ever. Many people in Occident may feel problems are so far that just the Arabs must concern about the civil wars and the foreign military intervention.BUT  CONSEQUENCES  are felt now, of course pretty little, soon will be felt all over the world in a way not yet known.

Platicando con  Tarket’s opinion:

As a society,all togheter, can demand the government in our developed countries to send humanitary help but WATCH OUT the excuses to get wealth  and powe from petrol. International economy will change in each pocket.

Concerning nuclear crisis in Japan not only affects Asia but of course  the wholw world, first because the impact of  the loss of huge factories and the great quantity of people who used to send money monthly to their families in their countries, such as the two biggest foreign communities: The Peruvians and Brazilians.

It is URGENT all the countries have a new nuclear policy, for health just the neccesary for X-Rays e.g., however for supply energy why not to use clean energy:wind and sun for example. Is humanity destroy other planet?


Source: EUXTV

Source: TRNN.COM by cnewq5 in You Tube





Source: TelesurTV




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