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What do you think about the cut to the US.budget?

– US offered US$250 million to Egypt as help to solve their financial crisis due to their political chaos.

– US$500,000 million in the next ten years from March 1 st, 2013 according to Bloomberg and US$1,2 billion according to Fidelity.

The total amount of cut in 2013 is US$ 85,000 million according to Fidelity.

– US$16,000 million will affect health in Medicare, agriculture and employment.

March 9th, 2013: The US president, Barack Obama, claimed to avoid the public spending cuts if the goal is to recover economy stability progressively.’Earlier this week, I met with some Republican senators to see if there are smarter ways to grow our economy and reduce our deficit cuts and the known arbitrary ‘kidnapping’, which recently entered into force’, the president said.

US$250 million to Egypt offered by the American government is a political move?. ‘Cause it is nonsense and self-sabotage to cut budget to health worrily to AIDS, too.

Health and Education are the pearls of any developed country. What do you think about the cut to the US. budget?

Sources: Bloomberg, Fidelity, EFE, and internet news reports.


Lessons after 245 dead people due to fire in Brazilian dancing place

After the fire in the Brazilian disco that caused the tragedy of 245 dead people on January 27 th, 2013. Most of them died asphyxiated due to toxic gas of fire. There are some lessons to learn:

1- Do not stay in places for a huge number of people, any kind (entertainment, educational,etc) if there are not at least three available exit doors.

2- Denounce if the public place has no available exit doors and fire extintors

3- Make lobby as society. The town together as it is now because of the tragedy.If authorities do little because they are useless to do what a child would do right, or if they are corrupted.

Do not forget that if people say no to a bad service, not to go or consume it, then the object of comsuption will close, don’tmake money, don’t keep on the business and if so, would be just responsability of consumers.

Desiderata, bewishedfull thoughts, Let’s practice them!

Desiderata, poem written by Max Ehrmann in 1927. Bewishedfull thoughts, Let’s practice them!

14 noviembre 2012, 7:25 pm
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This horse dance created by a Korean guy appeals to what is always a hit: sex, girl, hot…

You just dance or care the lyrics the rythms you like?




Chinese Movie CJ7 example that good messages are not boring

It’s been a long time ago that I do not really enjoy a movie as a kid and from the academic point of view because it is dynamic, fun, full of values, well done movie, technically: script and in acting. Thanks to the Chinese director, Stephen Chow.

CJ7, as I said above, it is a movie full of values such as brotherhood, honesty, charity, generosity and the top of them, the triumph of LOVE that makes LIFE good.

The following are the links to find the movie in YOU TUBE:

PART 1 in English 

PART 2 in English

PART 3 in English

PART 4 in English

PART 5 in English

PART 6 in English

PART 7 in English

PART 8 in English

END PART 9 in English










Wati, a 15 year old girl who disappeared in Indonesia’s tsunami 2004 found his family who thought she was dead. She is from Banda Aceh, the most damaged area devastaded 164 thousand people dead a cause of the tsunami and 226 thousand total all over Indonesia.

This girl was used as a slave to work for a woman who left her at the street because ‘her slave’ did not give pity to people since she got older.



Put yourself in another’s shoes, in Amy’s

They tried to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no.
Yes I been black, but when I come back
You wont know, know, know.

I ain’t got the time
And if my daddy thinks im fine
He’s tried to make me go to rehab
I wont go, go, go.

I’d rather be at home with ray
I ain’t got 70 days
Cos there’s nothing, nothing you can teach me
That I can’t learn from Mr. Hathaway

Didn’t get a lot in class
But I know it don’t come in a shot glass

They’re tryin to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no
Yes I been black, but when I come back
You wont know, know, know.

I aint got the time,
And if my Daddy thinks im fine,
He’s tried to make me go to rehab,
I wont go, go, go.

The man said, why you think you here?
I said, I got no idea
Im gonna, im gonna loose my baby
So I always keep a bottle near

Said, I just think you’re depressed
Kiss me, yeah baby
And go rest

I’m tryin to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no
Yes I been black, but when I come back
You wont know, know, know

I don’t ever wanna drink again
I just, ooo, I just need a friend
Im not gonna spend 10 weeks
Have everyone think im on the mend

It’s not just my pride
It’s just til these tears have dried

They’re tryin to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no
Yes I been black, but when I come back,
You wont know, know, know

I aint got the time,
And if my daddy thinks im fine
He’s trying to make me go to rehab
I wont go, go, go.


Platicando con Tarket’s opinion: The self – destructive behavior of the British singer and composer Amy Winehouse cryied she was sick of the hypocrite society, lies promoted in life and the non solved personal relationships. She was so intense ‘cause things did matter to her and unfortunately could not manage them to change for better.

We all can try to put ourselves in another’s shoes, before judging, and also, do not underestimate depression.

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse Setember 14th, 1983- July 23 rd, 2011