Platicando con Tarket

Nuclear crisis in Japan after tsunami caused by earthquake

Platicando con Tarket’s opinion and suggestions:

First, do not panic and do not take the official for granted ‘cause they always hide something. Also track all the info and then reach a conclusion with facts.

Second, if you live or have to visit Japan, in places such as Tokyo and 120 kms. distance from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants watch out the radiation on green vegetables and water. Avoid drinking milk and water from the faucett, eating green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, chard, etc. and do not eat sea food.

If you are further from those areas, do not feel relief, keep the alarm.

Thridly, if possible stay indoors when raining or snowing and of course if you have to move out, when going out cover with a plastic and then throw it out.

Finally, for the rest of the world if it is not urgent, do not travel to Japan, help spread useful info to help or comments for cheering up, ask if you have contacts in Japan and  follow the media. Scientists say the slow average of radiation will reach first the northern hemisphere. It depends on the speed of wind and of course the control of leaks in the nuclear radiators.



Lack of care to Planet Earth is lack of care to yourself

Source: You Tube by descobrint and JohnDkar

The last paragraph of the song says: ‘I am not against progress if there would be a fair consensus. Mistakes are not corrected by others, that’s what I think’.