Platicando con Tarket

Yachachiq sustainable development

Real experience in Cusco, Perú to grow on time continously taking care of environment.

Ancient and modern technologies for a healthy world.

Platicandocontarket’s opinion: Hope Peruvian government joins this initiave and make lots more.

R.I.P  Yachachiq María Góngora

Thanks to Carlos Paredes, manager of Yachachiqs’ programs

Source: fuerzasocial and Gruporomero08 in You Tube


Hearts for Cusco and Puno

Fortunatelly, turists were saved but locals still suffer because of avalanches. Peruvian government is working on that but it is not enough. Let’s help them from everyvere. Above a Peruvian channel tv. ‘Frecuencia Latina’ and a mall ‘Megaplaza’ collect food, clothes and medicines for the victims. Also, in the city hall of district Miraflores, people can donate.