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Lessons after 245 dead people due to fire in Brazilian dancing place

After the fire in the Brazilian disco that caused the tragedy of 245 dead people on January 27 th, 2013. Most of them died asphyxiated due to toxic gas of fire. There are some lessons to learn:

1- Do not stay in places for a huge number of people, any kind (entertainment, educational,etc) if there are not at least three available exit doors.

2- Denounce if the public place has no available exit doors and fire extintors

3- Make lobby as society. The town together as it is now because of the tragedy.If authorities do little because they are useless to do what a child would do right, or if they are corrupted.

Do not forget that if people say no to a bad service, not to go or consume it, then the object of comsuption will close, don’tmake money, don’t keep on the business and if so, would be just responsability of consumers.