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Desiderata, bewishedfull thoughts, Let’s practice them!

Desiderata, poem written by Max Ehrmann in 1927. Bewishedfull thoughts, Let’s practice them!


R.I.P Grande Mercedes Sosa!

The great Argentinian folklore singer Mercedes Sosa passed away today physically. We can always listen to her deathless performings, what is more, we can think up in the lyrics and act.

‘Sólo le pido a Dios’ translated in Spanish ‘I just ask God’ is the video posted up here. I just ask God the unfair matters are not indifferent to me, the pain is not indifferent to me, the war is not indifferent to me, it is a big moster and steps up strongly. All poor people innocence…Thank you Mercedes, she replies: ‘I keep a town in my voice’.

Video Source: You Tube by guacari. Made with the cd covers Great singer Great woman with a great life history. Espero que gusten I hope you enjoy it!

The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, declared national holiday because of Mercedes Sosa death.

Video source: TN You Tube by jovenescacharienses

It is very touching to see at the end of this video how lovely is a visitor when he kisses Mercedes Sosa.

Video source: NTCtelevision5 You Tube

People sing and say good bye to Mercedes Sosa.

Video source: You Tube by Mr. Torito10

Gustavo Cerati, a very famous Argentinian singer, ex Soda Stereo member, remembers her as humble and Great!

Video source: You Tube by sodafans

Atahualpa Yupanqui-Coplas del Payador Perseguido

…No sé si mi canto es lindo
o si saldrá medio triste;
nunca fui zorzal, ni existe
plumaje más ordinario.
Yo soy pájaro corsario
que no conoce alpiste.

Vuelo porque no me arrastro,
que el arrastrarse es la ruina;
anido en árbol de espina
lo mesmo que en cordilleras
sin escuchar las zonceras
del que vuela a lo gallina.

No me arrimo así nomás
a los jardines floridos.
Sin querer vivo alvertido
pa’ no pisar el palito.
Hay pájaros que solitos
se entrampan por presumidos…

Video source: You Tube by aiapaec69.