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‘South of the border’ with Hugo Chávez Frías

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The Mistery of Capital among Amazonian natives

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Platicandocontarket’s opinion: Agree with Hernando de Soto, the economist and documentary maker that mistery of capital is in having a tangible property. Why the difference between Bobbl a native from Alaska and Irene a native Bora from Peruvian Amazon (shown in the last video)? Again property, real one, not on fake papers. Government should cut out hundreds of burocracy obstacles to make enterprise micro or partnerships among communities, also in the andean and coast cities. Especially in places such as the Amazon, where there is no presence of government and many of them need bilingual services to process their paperworks. Everything in a State should work as a gear, as well as in the world, but there are huge interests that a group manage the capital. Call it greed, domination, whatever ideology or religion.It is stupid not to allow the poorest to develop because poverty destroys everything. Look at the crisis around! As simple as that!

Exploitation Science: ‘The Corporation’ Documentary

Horrible that slavery still happens in the 21 st Century! Come on humans, should concern on what we do and buy wherever because impact of acts is global. Always was and more than ever will be.

According to the documentary ‘The Corporation’ factories of  worldwide brands clothes workers receive 10 cents per clothe in Honduras and El Salvador (Central America). Then those clothes are sold in big malls such as Wall-Mart.

For example the Liz Clairbone shirts made in El Salvador cost 178 American dollars and workers got 74 cents per each one. Stereos Alpine 31 cents an hour.

On top of it, Kathy Lee Gifford clothes labels say that part of the profit is on behalf of children shelters, however, most of the factory workers are children and teenagers.

Nike receipts specify to each worker that to make a shirt should take 6 minutes and 6 seconds. They pay less that 1% of the sold price in malls and fashion stores.

In Santo Domingo they pay 70 cents per hour which means 8 cents per 6 minutes and 6 seconds.

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