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What do you think about the cut to the US.budget?

– US offered US$250 million to Egypt as help to solve their financial crisis due to their political chaos.

– US$500,000 million in the next ten years from March 1 st, 2013 according to Bloomberg and US$1,2 billion according to Fidelity.

The total amount of cut in 2013 is US$ 85,000 million according to Fidelity.

– US$16,000 million will affect health in Medicare, agriculture and employment.

March 9th, 2013: The US president, Barack Obama, claimed to avoid the public spending cuts if the goal is to recover economy stability progressively.’Earlier this week, I met with some Republican senators to see if there are smarter ways to grow our economy and reduce our deficit cuts and the known arbitrary ‘kidnapping’, which recently entered into force’, the president said.

US$250 million to Egypt offered by the American government is a political move?. ‘Cause it is nonsense and self-sabotage to cut budget to health worrily to AIDS, too.

Health and Education are the pearls of any developed country. What do you think about the cut to the US. budget?

Sources: Bloomberg, Fidelity, EFE, and internet news reports.

Exploitation Science: ‘The Corporation’ Documentary

Horrible that slavery still happens in the 21 st Century! Come on humans, should concern on what we do and buy wherever because impact of acts is global. Always was and more than ever will be.

According to the documentary ‘The Corporation’ factories of  worldwide brands clothes workers receive 10 cents per clothe in Honduras and El Salvador (Central America). Then those clothes are sold in big malls such as Wall-Mart.

For example the Liz Clairbone shirts made in El Salvador cost 178 American dollars and workers got 74 cents per each one. Stereos Alpine 31 cents an hour.

On top of it, Kathy Lee Gifford clothes labels say that part of the profit is on behalf of children shelters, however, most of the factory workers are children and teenagers.

Nike receipts specify to each worker that to make a shirt should take 6 minutes and 6 seconds. They pay less that 1% of the sold price in malls and fashion stores.

In Santo Domingo they pay 70 cents per hour which means 8 cents per 6 minutes and 6 seconds.

Video Source: You Tube by  gerardolipe20.

Following it is listed in order the whole documentary. Source: RobertAlexander5 and tsrz2008.




















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