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Catorce mil personas en México rompen récord bailando ‘Thriller’ de Michael Jackson

Fourteen thousand people in Mexico beated record dancing  ‘Thriller’ , the Michael Jackson’s most famous song. The registered participants were 13,957, however, according to the organizers more people joined the multitudinous dance in the ‘Revolution Monument of the Plaza de la República located in the Federal District.

Carlos Contreras, one of the organizers through facebook said that London record was 1,230 and Barcelona’s was 697.

The director of the Federal District Youth Institute, Javier Hidalgo, exclaimed ‘We did it’, proud of beating the record that has to be certified by Guiness Record.

PlaticandoconTarket’s opinion: Good that people could do something nice together. It is an example that joined could do lots of things. Hope the same happen not only for fun, but for humanitarian matters. By the way what happen to the prevention to the new flu inflenza H1N1 in Mexico? How about Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s warnings?. Well, it is not good to be paranoid, but not to forgett that this disease such as many others are spread by air and this matter should concern all humans. It is not a matter of a single country. Look at around, everything is global now.

Source: AP news agency and TV Azteca. Video: En You Tube por pscr1971


Michael Jackson’s Smooth criminal patented shoes



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Billie Jean in version cumbia


What do you think of this new version of  ‘Billie Jean’ Michael’s Jackson ‘The king of pop’ song?

It is performed by the Peruvian group ‘Los terapeutas del ritmo’ in version cumbia, musical gender that comes from Colombia in South America. Its origins come from africans slaves brought to Colombia in XVI century mixed up with indian rythms.

The leader’s band is Mauricio Chau. As it is said in the poster they play the 80’s in cumbia, wanna play another one?