Platicando con Tarket

Desiderata, bewishedfull thoughts, Let’s practice them!

Desiderata, poem written by Max Ehrmann in 1927. Bewishedfull thoughts, Let’s practice them!


Concert ‘Peace with no borderlines’  organized by the Colombian singer Juanes took place in Revolution Main Square in La Habana, Cuba. Juanes played for peace between Cuba and United States of America. In Miami, there is half people against Free Cuba and the other half for Revolutionary Cuba.

Platicando con Tarket’s opinion: Everything is good to promote tolerance but there is no peace with no justice. ‘We have to give the reason to the one who is got it’ eventhough we do not agree.

The singers Gloria Estefan and Willy Chirinos said they did not have anything against Juanes’ concert, but did not think that he will have success on that wish.

Juanes play a song in tribute to kidnapped people in the forest.

Play song ‘Nada particular’ for Cuban young people.

Juanes and the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé play ‘It is time to change’ Let’s change hate by love!

Bosé says it is informed that there are one million and 150 thousand people on the concert.

Juanes says twice ‘Cuba libre, Cuba libre’

Video source: You Tube by peliculacubana, Drodve, awsomehippotamo and orvex