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Chinese Movie CJ7 example that good messages are not boring

It’s been a long time ago that I do not really enjoy a movie as a kid and from the academic point of view because it is dynamic, fun, full of values, well done movie, technically: script and in acting. Thanks to the Chinese director, Stephen Chow.

CJ7, as I said above, it is a movie full of values such as brotherhood, honesty, charity, generosity and the top of them, the triumph of LOVE that makes LIFE good.

The following are the links to find the movie in YOU TUBE:

PART 1 in English 

PART 2 in English

PART 3 in English

PART 4 in English

PART 5 in English

PART 6 in English

PART 7 in English

PART 8 in English

END PART 9 in English










What a shame!Top Peruvian Army authorities involved in theft of ration of food for antiterrorists soldiers

The manager of  the enterprise ‘Alexis International’ Néstor Zegarra denounces that there was corruption in the tender to provide food for soldiers antiterrorists who serve in the VRAE area (terrorist and traffic drugs center) in the central jungle in Perú.

Zegarra’s participated in the tender and he shows some proves. The winner enterprise Prolac S.A. did have expired packed food. What is more the Chief of Peruvian Army, General Francisco Contreras was denounced by Zegarra.

The tender was for 980, 000 soles (315,000 American dollars).

Congressman Renzo Regiardo points out more ‘irregularities’ in the tender for 25, 000 food rations to these Peruvian soldiers. Also he denounces that Prolac S.A. and Jadar S.R.L. are the same and are property of David and Javier Arévalo López who was the nice groom of the ex Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo.

This man Javier Arévalo López in 2004 was hired without examination and only in seven months was promoted and had salary duplication raise twice. A legal investigation determined that his contract was ilegal.

Video source: You Tube by gerardolipe20